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HBANZ League Season 1
Season 1
League Admin: MK Essien
After two failed attempts at running a league, seven eleven made an effort to give a league one more try (with MK Essien voluntarily taking over shortly after)

• The best players (opinionated) were listed as captains and they had to draft players to be on their team (which then they could hand captaincy to another player)
• The draft took place over the course of 4 days (25th - 28th of February) and round 1 was scheduled to start on Sunday the 4th of March
• Hyenas HC captain Kuma gave up captaincy to Dylza around the start of the season

seven eleven, WestOz, junaman, MK Essien, LAZA, dors, Kuma, dopesayo

Draft Results
Mid Season Draft Results
Top Stats
Goalkeeper Stats
League Table

Season 1 Teams:
Hyenas HC
Bayer Neverlusen
Mogadishu Pirates
Unreliable Finishers FC

seven eleven's team named "BETTY" forfeited quite a few games in their first couple of weeks due to him drafting short and his players not showing up, so the team was removed from the league.
seven eleven, YOTC, Chirpin and Jobs
All players except seven eleven were allowed to enter the mid-season draft.

Season 1 Finals:
First Quarter Final: Bayer Neverlusen 1-2 Hyenas HC
Game 1 Replay - Bayer Neverlusen 6-3 Hyenas HC
Game 2 Replay - Hyenas HC 2-0 Bayer Neverlusen
Game 3 Replay - Bayer Neverlusen 2-5 Hyenas HC

Second Quarter Final: Mogadishu Pirates 1-2 Hyenas HC
Game 1 Replay - Mogadishu Pirates 3-1 Hyenas HC
Game 2 Replay - Hyenas HC 4-1 Mogadishu Pirates
Game 3 Replay - Mogadishu Pirates 2-5 Hyenas HC

Quarter Final: wepineapple 3-1 Hyenas HC
Game 1 Replay - wepineapple 1-2 (OT) Hyenas HC
Game 2 Replay - Hyenas HC 2-4 wepineapple
Game 3 Replay - wepineapple 1-0 Hyenas HC
Game 4 Replay - Hyenas HC 0-2 wepineapple

Semi Final: Negritos 3-1 wepineapple
Game 1 Replay - Negritos 1-0 wepineapple
Game 2 Replay - wepineapple 3-4 Negritos
Game 3 Replay - Negritos 1-3 wepineapple
Game 4 Replay - wepineapple 1-6 Negritos

Grand Final: Infamous 3-2 Negritos
Game 1 Replay - Infamous 0-1 Negritos
Game 2 Replay - Negritos 3-2 (OT) Infamous
Game 3 Replay - Infamous 3-0 Negritos
Game 4 Replay - Negritos 0-1 Infamous
Game 5 Replay - Infamous 2-1 (OT) Negritos

Infamous were the champions of Season 1

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