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Forum Upgrade & New Look - Kuma - 04-11-2018

[Image: hbanzlogo.png]
HBANZ has been upgraded to the latest forum software.
The upgrade will allow new features that were not possible before.
A new theme has also been applied (With help from @July).

There will be many bugs and broken stuff which will be ironed out over the next few weeks.
You can report bugs here

Quick list of new Features:
- New Responsive Theme
- Advanced editing options in Post/Reply Text Editor
- Live Preview in Post/Reply Text Editor
- Autocompletion for user tagging

RE: Forum Upgrade & New Look - shadow in the dark - 04-11-2018


RE: Forum Upgrade & New Look - Chilly - 05-11-2018

Great moves wow proud of you keep it up

RE: Forum Upgrade & New Look - Sparxx - 06-11-2018

Looks very very nice. Good job.

One suggestion, the thread pages has too much white/light grey. Add a bit of charcoal to user cards on the left and make the rep bar a bit darker to distinguish each post

also rip in piece ticker box  [Image: sad.gif]

[Image: v8he7n.jpg]