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HBANZ | Wall kick Challenge - Kuma - 16-09-2020

HBANZ | Wall Kick Challenge

[Image: eKDQE0m.png]


TL : DR - What is this?

This is our first challenge bot, where players compete on trying to get the highest possible score from a wall kick. The objective is to gain the highest possible score through high speed and high angle. Only one player is on the field at a time and players take turns. World records, personal best and session best (for guests) scores are saved, along with replays. Scores are calculated based on a function of speed and angle - both of which are displayed to the player after the shot is complete. Invalid shots will get a score of zero. The average score, speed and angle for all attempts are also calculated.

How does it work?

Players have 10 attempts to get the best possible shot they can. If a player is AFK in the room, they will be moved to spectator and set to "!afk". When a player's turn is up, the next player is automatically added to the field for their turn in the challenge (unless their status is !afk). If there is only one player in the room, they will get to play continuously. They will not be kicked for AFK either since there will be no need for this.

Each shot will be given a score, which is calculated based on the shot speed and angle. Invalid shots are given a score of zero. These can be shots where a second kick is not detected, if the angle is negative (i.e. both shots were towards the same wall), or if the second kick takes too long (slow wall kick).

What other features does this bot have?
  1. The bot will display the total score, visually, on the field! Yes, it rearranges segments and joints in the stadium like a calculator display on the field after each shot. When the ball is touched, this display is changed to show the number of attempts you have remaining, until the next shot is taken.
  2. The average score, shots and angles for all attempts is displayed to the user. Getting a maximum average has no significance at this point besides displaying some sort of level of consistency.
  3. World record for score, speed and angle is saved.
  4. Personal best scores, speeds and angles are saved for each logged in player. These are checked independently (i.e. the WR or PB total score, speed and angle are not necessarily from the same shot - in fact, they rarely will be since a high angle often sacrifices speed).
  5. Replays are automatically saved whenever a personal best or world record is detected - so please make sure you are logged in.
  6. If you are not logged in, you can still enjoy having 10 attempts and seeing you "session best", which are your best scores since you have been in the room. However, these will be lost when the player leaves the room.
  7. We noticed while testing that it is takes some skill to get low speed and angle, which is why we have also recorded all-time personal minimum scores and session minimum scores (for guests). World record minimum score, speed and angle is also saved.
  8. Type "!help" in chat to see a list of commands.

- Kuma & Winky

RE: HBANZ | Wall kick Challenge - dors - 16-09-2020

[dors] Attempt 7/10 - Score: 63,029〘 ⚡ 174.24 km/h  ? 36.41° 〙

Good luck

RE: HBANZ | Wall kick Challenge - Dylza - 16-09-2020

[Image: e66a529042.png]

RE: HBANZ | Wall kick Challenge - Kuma - 16-09-2020

Sorry dylza, great score however upon review we have decided to void this record due to the assistance of the side wall.
Replay: https://www.haxball.com/replay?v=3#https://hbanz.org/forum/hostbot/wallkickchallenge/replays/1600189904900.hbr2

As per usual with any initial bot launch, there will be bugs that we need to identify and remove.
This was an unintended game mechanic and as a result we have updated the map to removed the ability to use the side wall.

We now have a challenge world records page on hbanz so you can see everyone's records and replays(click on the record)

RE: HBANZ | Wall kick Challenge - Dylza - 17-09-2020

It's ok I'll get 43 degrees again. Got this one for now:

[Image: d8d6737ab7.png]

Edit - inching closer:
[Image: 680f63c398.png]

RE: HBANZ | Wall kick Challenge - dors - 17-09-2020

(17-09-2020, 01:53 AM)Dylza Wrote: It's ok I'll get 43 degrees again. Got this one for now:

Edit - inching closer:

Good Effort Dylza, however the tone of your post falls outside the Spirit of the Game.

The aim is to reach your Best Score via a mix of impressive Speed and Angle (see replay of my best score or chads for reference).
If we all tried purely for Best Angle, we would best your effort by some 20 degrees.

I'll deliberate with the other officials on deleting your score and extending your league suspension.
Once we have come to a decision I will PM you once more with the outcome.

Signing off
~ DoRs aNd ChAd

RE: HBANZ | Wall kick Challenge - Chad - 22-09-2020

Kuma / Winky,

It has come to my Attention that a group of Hackers are using an Aimbot and Macro to Cheat their way to a World Record Score.
If this is not cracked down upon with Harsh Punishment, I believe worse is to come.

Heed my Warning.