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2021 Sydney Hbanz Virgin Meetup - Juicy Tampon - 29-03-2021

Hello frints, it is I your administrator Juicy Tampon.

There has been talks between me and a few other fellow local haxball superstars to have a meetup where we can all indulge in some yummy all you can eat KBBQ around the inner west. If you'd be interested in going we are currently looking at Saturday 10th April evening to meet. Provided we're not all socially awkward weirdo's in person and people are keen we could head out to the city for a drink and to help wingman @envy as I've been told he's been going through a bit of a dry season. 

I've added a poll above just to see how many people are keen to come out so that I can look at making reservations, etc as needed. If the date doesn't suit and there is enough people who'd like to come at a different date we can look at organising this for a different weekend. 

Maybe even @Kuma will come out and say hello

TL;DR Haxball Meet roughly 7pm on 10/04/21 for Korean BBQ