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Winky's Futsal League - Season 2! - Winky - 28-11-2021

Welcome to Winky's Futsal League - Season 2!
[Image: qXT9WaS.png]

If you are wondering when WFL Season 1 was, it was played internationally with the Asian teams back in May/June with a select number of players. It was run purely through discord and on Singapore servers which most of you did not have a good connection to. I am changing that this season by bringing it to Australia!

Here's what you need to know if you are interested in playing in Season 2:

I want to be a captain - what do I do?
There are 6 captain slots, so message me anywhere (discord, this thread or PM me) if you are interested in captaining a team.
The league is PYOT (pick your own team) - so make sure you have at least 3 players before requesting to start a new team.
Please confirm with your players and also mention them when you let me know (make sure they join the discord server).
Finally, prepare a good quality logo!

What is the league format?
The league will be double round robin (3 points for win, 1 for draw, 0 for lose), with single elimination finals for the top 6 teams.
There will be 8 teams in total with a maximum of 6 per team (1 captain, 2 main players, 3 substitutes).
There are no app limits for individual players, but failure to have 3 players show up will result in a forfeit.

What is the game format?
This is a 3 vs 3 league (unlike season 1 which was 4v4).
Games will be 2 halves, 5 minutes per half - scores from both halves will be aggregated to get the final match score.
There is a mercy rule of 10 goal difference in total which will immediately end the game.
There is a maximum allowed substitutes of 2 per match per team.

What map will we play on?
Please note this is a FUTSAL league - the map can be downloaded from here:
https://hbanz.org/forum/maps.php - search for "WFL S2 - Big".

When will we play?
Games will be some time on Saturday night, but the time is not yet confirmed.
I would ask players in general to let me know which 2 hours during Saturdays they prefer to play.

When will the league matches start?
The league will start whenever 8 teams are ready - I am hoping this to be finalized within a couple of weeks at most.

I want to join as a player but don't know any captains - what do I do?
Join the discord below and post in the "looking-for-team" channel.

Is there a discord server for WFL?
Yes - players are requested to join as this is where league matters will be communicated: https://discord.gg/ffNSwEX98q

Do I need help?
I may be able to use a few people who are willing to assist with management/stats. Let me know if interested.

And finally, I have created a highlights reel for Season 1 which hopefully will encourage some of you to sign up:


- Winky

RE: Winky's Futsal League - Season 2! - swoozy - 28-11-2021

I recommend running the league on a perth server. it should give 50-60 ping to players from asia aswell.

RE: Winky's Futsal League - Season 2! - Winky - 28-11-2021

(28-11-2021, 05:17 PM)swoozy Wrote: I recommend running the league on a perth server. it should give 50-60 ping to players from asia aswell.

Thanks for recommendation.

This was considered and although good Perth servers are difficult/expensive to get, I was willing to get one for the games but the Asian players are not very interested in futsal leagues (I have been asking around for the past week but all have said no).

RE: Winky's Futsal League - Season 2! - Winky - 04-12-2021

Bump - signups will close on Friday 10th December. Since we are planning to start games on 11th December, if you are interested to join and have not joined yet this is your chance. Note the following:
  1. Games will be held in a Perth server, so AU ping will be good. To test, join https://www.haxball.com/play?c=OiSIctAvD-Y (pw = wfl)
  2. Join the discord and post in "looking-for-team" channel: https://discord.com/invite/ffNSwEX98q
  3. Check the spreadsheet and message captains that don't yet have a full team: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dPtMkSoUaHjLkAJ807_tpYhjzUxZp7kg/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=103028163249896427544&rtpof=true&sd=true
  4. Read the rules and league format so there are no surprises
  5. DM me here or discord if you have any questions