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Passing on the Torch - Dylza - 12-04-2022

Hi everyone,

I've been meaning to make this post for weeks now so thought I better finally get it posted in case anyone wants to take the torch and begin planning for the future.

I'll get straight to the point - I've decided to retire as a League Admin. This means that I have no current plans of running any of my leagues anymore.

I hope that my retirement doesn't mean that HSL and HPL will die. I'd love for someone else to be willing to take the reins and run either or both of them for the community in the future. If anyone is keen on taking over either of the leagues, just shoot me a DM on discord and I can help you to get started organising things.

Lastly, a huge thanks to everyone who has participated in the leagues that I've run over all these years now. The 3v3 League was on its knees at the end of S9 when I took over and not only did I revive it but also grew it to such a level where record sign up numbers had the league thriving. Before I left the 3v3 league admin team after like S18, the community had enjoyed a number of highly successful seasons with me in charge and it was time to move on to new projects. That's when I started HPL (Real Soccer league), which was a lot fun building a small competition from the ground up and watching it grow each season. Then most recently I launched HSL (4v4 league), which was probably the biggest/most successful season that I have ever been in charge of and it was very fulfilling finally getting HBANZ onto the same competitive game mode as the rest of the world.

Anyway, my point in all that is that I wouldn't have been able to do any of it without you all. It was a fair bit of work at times to run these leagues but I was happy to do it because you guys always kept me motivated to. As a community, you made these leagues mean something special and that's why I wanted to run them for you season after season. So thank you, whether you played, captained, streamed, admined, helped organise, commentated, spent all day arguing on chatango about league incidents or simply trolled in chatango during league games - whatever your involvement was you were an important part of the fabric of these leagues over the years and I thank you very much for that.

I know I made some good decisions along with some bad decisions over the years but no one is perfect I guess. I just hope I was able to provide a fun platform for you all to enjoy some competitive Hax on a Sunday evening.

It's been a pleasure guys ❤

RE: Passing on the Torch - mirilage - 12-04-2022

good man

RE: Passing on the Torch - ~13 - 15-04-2022

Future hall of famer. 

haters gon hate but you killed it bro. 2nd best GK I ever played with

6-1 record and only 6 goals allowed in the s18 and s19 Grand finals

RE: Passing on the Torch - David - 15-04-2022

(15-04-2022, 01:35 PM)~13 Wrote: Future hall of famer. 

haters gon hate but you killed it bro. 2nd best GK I ever played with

6-1 record and only 6 goals allowed in the s18 and s19 Grand finals

Where are the Lukic and angst interviews ya dogcunt?