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3v3 & 4v4 ELO Discord Bot - mirilage - 12-01-2024

HBANZ 3v3 & 4v4 ELO

I have added an ELO system into our HBANZ League Discord Server which has all the functions required to play competitive ranked haxball.(ELO)

I made a post on the discord about what it is an how to use it but I will summarise it here again.


Since we are a couple days away from the start of our greatest league in the HTML era, I have set up an ELO function through the discord.
How does it work?

If you go to ⁠#3v3-solo-2 for 3v3 ELO or ⁠#4v4-solo-1 for 4v4 ELO you can join the queue and once 6 or 8 people have joined the queue it will select the 2 highest rated players to captain a team and pick players. Games will be held in the "HBANZ Elo Room" which will be hidden from the haxball list and only joinable by link.

How does the scoring work?

ELO is obviously based on win/loss every player will receive the same amount of ELO. Once the game is set up it will send a message to ⁠#game_announcement which will show you the 2 teams and will give you options to vote which teams won/drew/forfeit. This requires 4 players in 3v3 and 5 players in 4v4 to vote so 1 team can't just vote all together before the game ends or 1 ELO Admin to vote on the game. Faking is prevented since it is through your discord account and if someone makes an alt well unfortunate they aren't getting any gain on their main. Replays will be saved to Pub Replays, possibly in the future if this is heavily used Kuma could make a new replays tab for ELO.

What ELO do we start at and what are the ranks?

Every player starts at 1000 ELO with the highest being 3000 and lowest 0. The ranks are: 0-600 Beginner 600-1200 Average 1200-1800 Master 1800-2400 Elite 2400-3000 GOAT

The most elo you can win seems to be around 40-50 and the lowest about 20 from what I've seen but it depends on everyone's rank in the queue. I will also be making a role which anyone can ping at anytime to play ELO "It will just be called ELO Games", please react to the post in discord if you would like to receive it.

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