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HBANZ League Season 7 - MK Essien - 28-04-2014

Season 7 of the HBANZ 3v3 League will introduce a two-division league system, with the HBANZ Premier League and the HBANZ Championship.

The HBANZ Premier League will feature intense, high-level, challenging matches every week for older, more skilled players, while the HBANZ Championship will be an opportunity for newer or less-skilled players to take control of their own teams and play every week in a lower-pressure, more level playing field with the goal to eventually gain promotion to the HBANZ Premier League.

The new promotion and relegation element will bring more importance and excitement to every match, and several rule changes including the change to one match a week every Sunday and the removal of app limits should make the league more enjoyable for everyone.

As well as this, the new HBANZ League Cup played during the midweek will be a chance for additional competitive haxball for those who want it, with every team over both divisions competing with each other in an exciting knockout competition separate from the HBANZ Premier League and HBANZ Championship.

You can find more details (rules and format) here: http://hbanz.org/showthread.php?tid=437, and signups for Season 7 are now open here: http://hbanz.org/signup.php. Those who have signed up previously for Season 7 need to sign up again if they want to play.

Looking forward to an exciting and enjoyable season.

RE: HBANZ League Season 7 - deloving - 28-04-2014

Welcome back Jose.