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Teamspeak - dopesayo - 11-08-2014

Thanks to the donation money we've received, we've invested in purchasing our own Teamspeak Server.

Server details:
Address - sydts13.techsmith.com.au:9107
Password - hbanz

You may also click the 'Teamspeak' button located at the lop left of HBANZ to join.

There is a max limit of 15 people at a time. If there's a lot of interest and people use it often then we may raise the limit.

Hopefully everybody enjoys it, and we should try and use it as much as possible because it's quite a lot of fun to play while on Teamspeak.


RE: Teamspeak - Gippy - 11-08-2014

#freemoney helping HBANZ where it can.

RE: Teamspeak - Bobbay - 05-01-2015

Does this server still work?

RE: Teamspeak - vxi - 06-01-2015

(05-01-2015, 11:22 PM)Bobbay Wrote: Does this server still work?
No, but there is a new one. All the proceeds from selling Insurgency copies went back into keeping the TS up, so this one should last a long time.

RE: Teamspeak - MarcelCav - 02-12-2017

Is there a Discord channel instead of Teamspeak now?

RE: Teamspeak - Maxie - 02-12-2017

(02-12-2017, 12:39 AM)MarcelCav Wrote: Is there a Discord channel instead of Teamspeak now?

Random bump there lol we even have a discord thread, but yeah we use discord now instead of Teamspeak. One of the main benefits being you don't have to pay for a server.

https://discord.gg/xCU3FUk if you wanna join.