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RE: Forum Registration Agreement - Mvan - 12-01-2015

youre all fucking soft cunts

RE: Forum Registration Agreement - Administrator - 12-01-2015

These rules were created since the beginning of HBANZ.org back in November 2013. All of the current and future users have had to click "I Agree" to the above in order to continue creating their account. The purpose of this post is a reminder that these rules exist and will be enforced from this point onwards.

To those that have down voted the very rules you have agreed to when signing up: It can only be assumed that you have either not read the agreement or disagree with it, and hence your posting will be suspended indefinitely until you inform a member of the Development Team or an administrator that you agree. You can find the forum team here: http://hbanz.org/showteam.php

RE: Forum Registration Agreement - Winky - 15-11-2016


With the influx of new players in my absence I want to make sure everyone is aware that this site has some rules. I've been receiving complaints from a number of people now and although we like to have fun and joke there always has to be a limit. I don't care how you talk to each other or what you do, but if someone is constantly getting abused, stalked or having their personal information leaked against their will then I will have to interfere - especially if they have complained about it to me. I have been pretty lenient with everything (as HBANZ has always been) and simply delete messages/posts that I think are not okay without consequences, but please don't go overboard.

It is NOT okay to post other people's pictures, addresses, telephone numbers, emails, etc. in chatango - or even request/pressure others for personal information. Chatango is a public chat and anyone with the link can view see it, not just HBANZ. Our chat moderators have removed messages that contain personal information but from now on I will suspend chatango posts and temporarily ban HBANZ accounts if I see this as it has been a problem for some time now.

I don't like to punish anyone and I'm not always online to actively enforce everything, but please read the OP which so many of you have negged so you know what is and is not okay.

Tl;dr - If I am receiving complaints about your behaviour, I will investigate and punish accordingly.

Thanks and enjoy your stay,

- Winky